Exclusive Porcelain

lumineersLUMINEERS porcelain veneers are made only from Cerinate Porcelain, a patented, ultra-strong porcelain manufactured exclusively in Santa Maria, California. Cerinate Porcelain is feldspathic porcelain reinforced with leucite crystals.

The particular uniformity of the leucite crystals in Cerinate Porcelain helps it to resist cracking and crazing. The high strength of Cerinate allows LUMINEERS to be made contact lens-thin, without increased risk of breakage, so you can place veneers without the need for anesthetic, extensive prepping, or temporaries.

Cerinate Porcelain has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, helping to prevent debonding or pop-offs, and can be either stacked or pressed.


Smile Solutions with Simple, Painless Techniques
Are your patients candidates for veneers?

lumineers_examplesYes. Four out of five recall patients are LUMINEERS candidates. LUMINEERS is the biggest breakthrough in achieving the smiles that your patients are wishing for. These contact lens-thin "smile shapers" are so thin, yet so strong, there is no need for the removal of sensitive tooth structure, no anesthesia, no temporaries and therefore, NO PAIN. Whatever your patient's smile issue, LUMINEERS is the perfect solution!

Clinical Research

In long term clinical research trials with LUMINEERS® made of Cerinate® Porcelain, Ultra-Bond® Restorative Resin Cement, and Tenure® Adhesives, they remain bonded for over 20 years. In other words, no debondings occurred, or none of the veneers came off. All LUMINEERS either kept their original color or had only a slight change.


Bonded Porcelain Veneer Restorations Study

*Strassler, H.E. and Weiner, S., "Long Term Clinical Evaluation of Etched Porcelain Veneers," University of Maryland Dental School, presented at the American Society for Dental Research (IADR) Meeting, March 2005.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical performance and durability of anterior etched porcelain LUMINEERS®. The study population consisted of 30 patients with discolored or malpositioned teeth. A total of 167 Cerinate Lumineers (Den-Mat® Holdings, LLC) were placed with Ultra-Bond®. The patients were recalled for collection of longterm data at periods of 140 months to over 240 months (20 years) with a mean of 182.4 months (15.2 years). Modified United States Public Health Service criteria were used to evaluate color, cavosurface marginal adaptation, and marginal discoloration. The data at the last recall are as follows:

  Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta
Color 143 14 - -
Marginal Aptitude 128 12 3 14
Marginal Discoloration 133 22 2 -

There was 100% retention of the LUMINEERS over the period of the study. Over the duration of the study, of the patients that were able to be recalled, 94% of the restorations were clinically successful (157 of 167) with only 10 LUMINEERS needing replacement.

Replacement was usually due to chipping or cracking on stress-bearing surfaces. In some cases, the Lumineers were replaced not due to the severity of the fracture, but because the study protocol called for the LUMINEERS to be replaced if any fracture occurred.

Results indicate that the Cerinate LUMINEERS cemented with Ultra-Bond were highly successful over the period of the study.



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